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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

The World's 1st Connected Hospitality Solution

Accuracy and 10 X speed in inventory tracking


On-demand analysis of sales, inventory, and other business metrics that impact profitability by up to 25%


Innovative digital customer engagement


Deep and instant brand insights


A product that gives you the power of connecting the dots across Bars, Brands and Customers, in the palm of your hand!

Cloud Analytics 

Data Science 

Versatility in Application

Full Customer Experience

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More than "just another software"

Historically it was believed fortune tellers looked into a crystal ball to see one's past & present and predict the future.

We are the present-day crystal ball that uses data to track & predict bar performance.

Just like a personal robotic assistant, kristalball also provides intelligent "nudges" to assist you to take action.

Abstract Background



Optimize Operations


Realize Revenues

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Engage Employees


Captivate Customers

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Build Brands


Connect it All!

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We believe in a connected ecosystem and can integrate with any Point of Sale or Enterprise system to make the customer experience seamless.


We aim to be the One-Stop solution to all your bar management needs.

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