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Predict the future,

Plan for it today !

About KrisTal Ball

You are a 'busy' business in good times

Striving to innovate during tough times

Your want your best customers to keep coming through your doors

& You want the best for your employees too.

Does this sound like you or your business ?

Wait, there is more ...

You are striving to be great at what you do at all times

But you also have to take care of the important (not so) little 'back of the house' matters which no one notices until the the ball is dropped.

Maybe despite your best planning, you have an event or you have those special customers who suddenly decided to visit, but oh no ! you are out of stock on inventory that would make it special.

What if you had a crystal ball to see into the future -

If you knew when to replenish stocks without having to physically check every item in every part of your bar especially when you may be low on staff or low on budgets to have too much stock at all times.

If you knew what your best customers spend on and therefore what stock you should over index on, even when you may have lost your best bartender to new competition next door.

If you could motivate your bar tenders by simplifying painful aspects of their job so that they can do what they do best - engage meaningfully with customers and make the best drinks, bringing in more revenue and client satisfaction

What if all of this was possible without introducing another complicated software system that sucks up time and energy just to input all the inventory data. What if you could have all the inventory data you cared about at the blink of an eye, would that make your life easier ?

If this interests you, and you are curious enough to sign up for the pilot of the product please contact

KrisTalBall Smart Solutions aims to combine in-depth knowledge of client ecosystems with innovative application of smart technology, analytics, AI/ML to predict, forecast and optimize inventory management. In doing so, it aims to exponentially improve operational efficiency, accuracy and profitability. It also aims to connect ‘back of the house’ metrics to ‘front of the house’ metrics to enable creative and profitable customer engagement that is sharply focussed on highest performing inventory that delights customers, increases revenue & keeps costs/wastage low.

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