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Dispatching Liquor Bottles:


  1. Access the Dispatch module from the Main Menu (look for the icon with three lines or Side Menu).

  2. Click on "Add New."

  3. You'll see these options:

  4. If you want to dispatch a full bottle, click on "Full Bottle Spirits."

  5. If you want to dispatch partial bottles, click on "Partial Bottle Spirits."

  6. If you want to dispatch  Beer & Breezers, click on "Beer & Breezers."

  7. Select the stock or bar from where you want to dispatch the bottle.

  8. Select the stock or bar to where you want to dispatch the bottle.

  9. Choose the user to whom you want to dispatch the bottles.

  10. Choose the user who requested the dispatch.

  11. You'll be redirected to a page with options to scan QR codes or tags.


  1. Dispatch Sprits (Full or Partial Bottles)


Option 1 : Dispatch by Scanning QR Codes: (Only requires a phone camera)


  1. Select "Scan QR."

  2. Your camera will open in the app.

  3. Scan the QR code of the bottles you want to dispatch. You can scan multiple bottles consecutively.

  4. Once scanned, you'll see a message ‘Bottle Scanned Successfully” confirming successful scanning.

  5. Click on "View Bottles" to see a summary of the scanned bottles. You can add more bottles by clicking "Add More" and scanning additional bottles.

  6. To confirm and dispatch the scanned bottles, click on "Dispatch Bottles."


Option 2 : Dispatch by Scanning Tags: (Requires kristalball smart pad, phone is not required )


  1. Select "Scan Tag."

  2. Choose and confirm the Smartpad number you're using for dispatching, then click "Next."

  3. Place the tagged bottle on the device as instructed.

  4. The Smartpad display will show "Place Bottle."

  5. Gently place the bottle on the Smartpad and remove it when the display shows "Remove Bottle."

  6. The app will show a summary of the scanned bottle.

  7. If you want to add another bottle, click "Add More" and repeat the process for each bottle.

  8. To confirm and dispatch the scanned bottles, click on "Dispatch Bottles."


Once you click on "Dispatch Bottles," the scanned bottles will be dispatched to the selected "To Bar."


We hope this helps you easily navigate the dispatching process in our app. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

Note :-  Partial bottles can only be dispatched by scanning tags, which requires the Kristalball smart pad


B. Dispatch Beer and Breezers


  1. Please choose either "Beer" or "Breezer." Next, you will be able to view the onboarded count for the selected type.

  2. Enter the number of bottles you wish to dispatch for the chosen brand and then click "Continue." You will then see a summary of all the selected bottles to be dispatched.

  3. Finally, click "Dispatch" to transfer the stock to the selected bar.

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