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Our Purpose

To create ‘humane*-tech’ products and platforms that simplify life

*humane = marked by compassion, sympathy or consideration for humans

Our Motto

Connection. Innovation. Simplicity.

Our Vision

kristalball is a young startup dedicated to combining the power of artificial intelligence with the power of human intelligence to simplify transactions, improve business performance and elevate customer experience.

Our expertly curated SMART, easy-to-operate solutions are designed to solve day-to-day challenges while providing greater predictability about future trends.

Advocating the idea of “humane technology”, our technology is not an intrusion or obstruction to daily transactions. Instead, think of us as the missing piece in the puzzle which helps complete the whole picture - a seamless fit.

Aimed at connecting all hospitality industry stakeholders, our products offer a unique experience to bars, brands, and customers. 

Experienced Leadership


A prior CXO with Flipkart, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, and General Electric, the founder has experience solving complex problems across industries and continents with a 'people-first' approach.

Currently, kristalball is re-imagining an exceptionally human-dependent experience as a 'Human+Digital' experience that elevates the human touch in hospitality

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Founder & CEO 




Ankesh is an accomplished visionary technical architect with 17 years of software engineering experience in building highly scalable industry solutions for Supply Chain, Sustainability, Manufacturing and IoT domains.

He has worked with large companies like SAP and Cisco on IoT enterprise SAAS & PAAS solutions and has been designing architecture that not only caters to short term needs but also meets the long-term needs of Industry. He is an inventor and innovator driving the technical vision to build kristalball for scale.

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