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1. Carefully place the bottle to be Inventorised. Do not drop bottles onto the smartpad.


2. Once a Bottle is placed, the smartpad beeps once and displays “Scanning” - This indicates that the smartpad is actively capturing bottle data. Please do not remove the bottle during scanning. After this, the smartpad beeps again and displays ‘Remove Bottle’ with Red Light  - This indicates that the bottle has been successfully inventoried.


3. Once the smartpad displays ‘Remove Bottle’, please ensure that you remove the bottle from the smartpad within 5 seconds. Do not leave bottles on the kristalball smartpad for extended periods.

3. The kristalball smartpad must not be immersed in water. However, a damp cloth can be used for cleaning purposes.

Inventory Feature:


You can utilize the inventory feature to access summarized and detailed inventory information. With this feature, you will be able to:


  1. View the total number of bottles in stock.

  2. Check the total number of bottles dispatched.

  3. Determine the total number of bottles that are inventoried.

  4. Identify the total number of bottles that are yet to be inventoried.


By using this feature, you can ensure that no bottles are missed during the inventory process. Additionally, this feature provides a brand-wise inventory breakdown with a progress bar, allowing you to track the progress of inventory for each brand in detail.


Live Inventory 


With this feature, you can view the bottles scanned on the smartpad in real time. Simply select the smartpad and click on "start." You will then be able to monitor the real-time status of bottles scanned on the smartpad.


This functionality guarantees that all inventory scans made on the device are successful, ensuring that no scans are missed by the user.

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