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Finance Analyst

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Type

Intern - To - Hire / Contract - To - Hire

About the Role


Financial Analysis:

Conduct in-depth financial analysis, including budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis. 

Evaluate financial performance by comparing actual results to budgets and forecasts. 

Identify trends, risks, and opportunities and make recommendations for improvement.

Reporting and Communication

Prepare and present financial reports, summaries, and presentations to senior management.

Prepare investor and client presentations

Communicate financial insights and analysis to non-finance stakeholders.

Budgeting and Planning:

Assist in the annual budgeting process, including gathering data, modeling scenarios, and aligning financial goals with company objectives.

Monitor and track budget versus actual performance throughout the year, making adjustments as necessary. Ensure operating expenses and cash flows are managed well. 

Data Management:

Collect, consolidate, and validate financial data from various sources.

Maintain and organize financial records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with relevant regulations.

Financial Forecasting:

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create financial forecasts and projections.

Analyze market trends, industry benchmarks, and economic factors to inform forecasts.

Cost Analysis:

Analyze cost structures and provide recommendations for cost optimization.

Conduct cost-benefit analysis for proposed projects or initiatives.

Compliance and Risk Management:

Ensure compliance with financial regulations, accounting standards, and internal policies.

Assess and mitigate financial risks by identifying potential areas of concern.

Financial Modeling:

Develop and maintain financial models for various financial scenarios, such as pricing, investment decisions, and capital allocation. 

Assist in the development and maintenance of financial models and dashboards.

Strategic Projects: 

Conduct research and analysis to support strategic decision-making.

Oversee and coordinate key projects and initiatives on behalf of the CEO 

Monitor project progress, budgets, and timelines, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Identify and resolve project-related issues and obstacles.

Prepare briefing materials, reports, and presentations for executive meetings.

Take on special assignments and initiatives as directed by the CEO, which may include research, process improvement, or other strategic projects.


Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or a related field (Master's degree or professional certifications such as CFA or CPA is preferred). Or a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field (Master's degree or MBA is preferred).

Proven experience as a Finance Analyst or similar role, with a strong understanding of financial principles and analysis techniques. Consulting experience or Start Up company experience is preferred. 0-3 years of work ex.

Proficiency in financial modeling and data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, financial software).

Knowledge of accounting principles and financial regulations.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent communication and presentation abilities.

Attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure.

Ability to work collaboratively in a team and interact effectively with different departments.

High level of discretion and ability to handle confidential information.

Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Can start immediately

As a start up, this is a chance to contribute to multiple aspects of the company which will result in significant learning and growth opportunities.



The Finance Analyst plays a critical role in the company's financial management and decision-making process. They are responsible for analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and providing insights to support strategic planning and operational efficiency. 

The Finance Analyst works closely with various departments and the Founder to ensure financial health and sustainability of the organization.

About the Company


kristalball is a product company founded with the broader vision of leveraging IoT, AI and ML technologies to solve productivity & data predictability challenges to “Simplify Life ! “ kristalball’s pioneering product is an AI based predictive analytics solution for bars enabling fast, accurate bar inventory and performance tracking. It is a patent pending, original 'Made in India' product for India & global markets.

kristalball is building a team of risk takers, innovators, executors and team players who are excited about bringing new products to market and solving customer needs with a passion for simplifying life. We are looking for solidly skilled talent with a winning attitude.

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